Documentary maker Suzanne van Leendert was touched by the manner in which the people involved in this story talked about this old Dakota; with affection, compassion and love. Almost as if they were talking about a real human being. As soon as she realized this, the idea for Broken Dreams was born, consisting of a documentary (produced by Van Osch Films) and a book.

In the documentary, the Dakota tells her story through using an American voice-over. We get to know her as if she is a real human being and, via her, we come in contact with others in the documentary. The documentary starts on the day of the accident and shows the various plans people have for her afterwards. In between, the Dakota tells us her story, combined with interviews with people from her past and supported with lots of archive material.

Documentary 52 min. DVD (PAL and NTSC versions available) contains deleted scenes and extra information. Subtitled in Dutch, English and French.

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